Young Life offers opportunities for authenticity


Megan Dinkins

Young Life is a safe space for teens to gather and worship God. It is a community made up of people searching for help and refuge from their everyday struggles. Each school has its own meeting spot every Monday and Tuesday. Blythewood Young Life is held on Mondays and Tuesdays. Since it is not church-based, it is held at different volunteer homes. See @Bwoodyounglife on Instagram for the locations.


Young Life participant Macy Moran says, “Young Life is a place where everyone is welcome to learn about their relationship with God and build friendships with others from your school and leaders.” Leader Bailey Yerby says Young Life is “an alright place to not be alright.”


Young Life allows an escape from the real world and a safe space to admit that things aren’t okay. In the absence of judgment, it is very easy to get comfortable and open up to others about what’s going on in your life. This organization becomes like family after a while and you gain respect for yourself, others, and the Lord.


Young Life is not only held on Mondays and Tuesdays, but it also hosts camps throughout the year. Thunderbird, Windy Gap, Carolina Point, and Sharptop are locations where Young Life offers longer retreats. This year over 400 high schoolers from South Carolina gathered at Thunderbird to strengthen or create their relationships with God. Windy Gap, Sharptop, and Carolina Point are all versions of the same camp with the same purpose of getting students to grow closer to God. There are different fundraising and scholarship opportunities to get discount prices on these camps.


Young Life allows you to walk in faith with some of your best friends. You will make unforgettable memories and forever be impacted by the amazing people that attend. Many people don’t come to Young Life because they are waiting for an invite. This is your invite: come to Young Life!