Blythewood musical is a success!


Elena Keller

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee delighted everyone who went to see it last week. Reception has been overwhelmingly positive as students praise the hilarity and the talent of everyone involved.

Overall, students were most thrilled by the comedy in the show and the audience interaction. “I loved how they pulled in the different principals and teachers and audience members, it was really interactive,” says junior Katie Stack.

Students were thrilled seeing their teachers and fellow classmates take the stage as “guest spellers.” In particular, both Mr. Auspelmyer and Mr. Sherman’s performances were highlights as they struggled to spell the difficult words thrown at them.

Besides the comedy, the cast themselves succeeded in bringing the musical to life. Junior Emma Whitener agrees, saying, “I thought they did a good job with casting. Sanders was a really good fit for Barfee and I also loved AJ’s character.”

Junior Alli Warren was also impressed with the cast saying, “I loved how everyone paid such close attention to detail. Everyone stayed in character throughout, even during the intermission.”

One of the performers, Sanders Pitts, who plays William Barfee, was excited with the musical’s turnout. “I was really proud of my performance…I really enjoyed seeing what I could do with my character.”

When asked if they thought the theatre department did a good job, the students answered with a resounding “yes.” “Absolutely,” Emma Whitener answers, “but [the theatre department] always does a good job.” Brenna Yeary also praised her fellow students saying, “I think they did amazing, everyone in our school is very talented in their own way.”

It’s safe to say that the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee was a smashing success and went above and beyond expectations!