Mother Stabbed In The Back: The Ultimate Family Betrayal

Katie Gary

Gypsy Rose and Dee Blanchard were a regular family that everyone on TV couldn’t help but love. They were a regular family who gained notoriety and was even sponsored by Make A Wish and Habitat for Humanity. Gyspy had multiple diseases like stricken by cancer, muscular dystrophy, had a feeding tube lodged in her lower abdomen, but Dee Dee, her mother won America over by devoting her time to her daughter helping the day in and day out. Dee Dee Blanchard was once married to a man who was presumed to run out on them right before Hurricane Katrina hit. Gypsy and her mother had nowhere to go until the lovely people from Aurora, Missouri built them a house. They immediately became a viral sensation and they soon were a standing household name. 

 Life wasn’t quite as it seemed in the Blanchard household. Dee Dee wouldn’t allow Gypsy to eat sugar, or spend time with friends or significant others. Gypsy was only allowed to converse with people when Dee Dee allowed her. Gypsy would get her head shaved annually to keep her hair from growing because of the cancer. Dee Dee didn’t allow Gyspy to act normal when the cameras were on them; Dee Dee made Gyspy put on a persona that was indistinguishable from a 5 year old child because one of her sicknesses was a mental. Everyone knew Gyspy’s high pitch childlike voice from her news interviews. But this changed when Gyspy drank soda for the first time without her mother knowing. 

Late one night Gyspy engulfed a can of coca-cola, the very thing her mother claimed she was highly allergic of. Gyspy downed this sugary drink only to find out she wasn’t allergic to sugar just like her doctor predicted in a previous visit. Every night Gyspy would drink soda and not brushing her teeth. She soon had cavities, so Dee Dee took her child to the dentist, and they told her that Gypsy had cavities so Dee Dee’s response was to remove all her teeth. 

Then in 2010, Dee Dee’s lies began to unravel. Dee Dee told everyone that Gypsy was 14, but Gypsy soon found out that she was actually 19. Since Gyspy found out her whole life was a lie, she began plotting to escape her mother’s grasp and hopefully live a better life. Every time Gyspy would run away or gain some kind of independence, Dee Dee would say that Gypsy was mentally challenged or that the drugs rendered her helpless, that she didn’t know what she was talking about. 

Since Dee Dee had convinced people of their lovable nature, Gypsy’s attempts to run or walk away rather,  rendered useless, until she met Dave Godejohn. Gypsy was hanging out with the neighborhood kids, and a girl told her that she met a lovely man on Christian Mingle. Gypsy stole a computer from one of her visits with her mother to the mall, joined the site, and found her prince charming, Dave Godejohn. They talked for about six months to a year when finally Dave wanted to meet her. They arranged a rendezvous at the movie theater and engaged in sexual intercourse in the bathroom while her mother was asleep in the movie. Gypsy asked Dave what he would do for her and she said anything not even knowing what they would be plotting next. 

Dave and Gypsy planned to run away together but they couldn’t just leave because they knew if she ran away, that her mother would and try to find her. So they then plotted to kill Dee Dee Blanchard. 

Gypsy had a burner phone that she used to call Dave so when the plan was in effect they could just meet up and leave. Dave told Gypsy to stay in her bathroom while he killed her mother in her sleep. Dee Dee had already taken sleeping pills so when she was stabbed in the back seven times and in the chest twice, the last words she said were Gypsy. They then ran away but were caught and sent to jail. 

When then the jury decided that they would get killed in their conjoined case Gypsy quickly got exonerated or cut her ties with Dave Godejohn. Gypsy pleaded to second-degree murder and had a ten-year sentence while Dave Godejohn was found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. The jury originally awarded them the death penalty in a combined trial but gypsy severed ties with Godejohn. She pleaded to 2nd-degree murder: received a 10-year sentence, while Godejohn was found guilty under 1st-degree murder without parol.  Now Gypsy is sitting in jail waiting for her to be granted parole, she told sources that she still is hoping for a family after he gets out of jail. Not with Dave Godejohn though.