Sword or shield? Everything that you need to know about the upcoming Pokemon games


Courtesy of Slash Gear

The new Gigantamax Charizard

Christian Melendez

Pokemon Sword and Shield is a game set to release across the globe on November 15, 2019. This game will be a gift to fans of the series, featuring a new region, new Pokemon, and a revamped game aimed for their enjoyment. 

Set in the new Galar region, Pokemon Sword and Shield is the 9th generation of Pokemon games. It was announced on February 27, 2017, and has since had multiple trailers showing off the features of the game. 

Originally shown to the fans were the starters: Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble. These new starters immediately ignited excitement and concern within the community. As with every past generation, the Pokemon community chose their favorites and argued about the rest, and in the beginning, Sobble definitely made a very noticeable presence amongst the fans. 

As for new features, the game is full of them. First, players who prefer to not buy an online membership can purchase that feature for the Pokemon games alone. “Gigamantaxing,” as named by the Pokemon Company, is a feature that most fans are excited for. This feature allows Pokemon to not only grow to an incredible size but to also change form. 

Continuing down the list of features, Pokemon Sword and Shield is rumored to have an autosave feature, making it the first Pokemon game to ever have that feature included. Another new feature exclusive to this game is the Automatic EXP. Share. In previous games, the EXP. Share was an item that would assist one Pokemon, giving them extra experience even if you did not use said Pokemon in battle. Then, Pokemon changed it to an item that would assist the entire team, allowing all Pokemon to receive experience, regardless if they battled or not, but was still optional to use. Now, the EXP. Share has evolved to a mechanic, not an item, that is meant to keep teams balanced, and apparently, it will not be an option anymore. 

While new Pokemon have been announced, there have also been variants of Pokemon, titles “Galarian forms,”. These Pokemon are from previous games, but have been given new appearances, types, and abilities. One example is Obstagoon, Galarian Linoone, instead of Linoone, from Hoenn. Other Pokemon, such as Ponyta and Weezing, have also received the same treatment.

With every Pokemon game, comes new villains. In Galar, “Team Yell,” is the new villain team. From what has been revealed, they are huge supporters of Marnie, who is to be one of the player’s main rivals. Not much is known about them so far, but they have a very distinctive look, possibly inspired off of the band “KISS,” similar to Obstagoon. 

As an incentive for buying the games, Sword and Shield have differences between each game, leaving the players to choose which content they prefer to have. The differences include which Pokemon are naturally catchable, like previous games, but also differs in Gym Leaders, which for the first time, which shocked many members of the community. Gym Leaders are eight strong trainers that you must battle against, and defeat, to arrive at the Pokemon League and have a chance to beat the game. In most games, no matter what version, the Gym Leaders have always been the same. For the first time, the Gym Leaders are different depending on the version.

The Pokemon Company has kept most of its new Pokemon a secret, as well as many other surprises for the new games. Even with all of this information in mind, fans highly anticipate the fact that more is to come.