Blythewood choir is a family

Anaya Kpan

Blythewood choir is a fantastic way to make friends who share the same interests. Blythewood’s talented choral director Kristen Claiborne has been teaching students at Blythewood for seven years now. Choir is an art elective, but there are groups like the AcaBengals for students who can’t fit the class into their schedule. 

Choir is a great way to make new friends for anyone new to Blythewood because it is like a small family. “I love interacting with people who are different from me because we can come together with the common love for music, and I love the environment and I love singing.” Ava Swinderlan says, “the people in choir are like a family to me,” member Callie Thomas says.  

Blythewood’s choir does many fun activities like the Choir Games. The choir games, formulated like the Olympics, are a way for new members to get to know one another, and they also learn life long lessons. “Choir games are great. I love when we paint the shirts,” said Ryan Frans. 

They have plenty of events throughout the year, including the fall concert, Cups n’ Carols, Spring Concert, and different fundraisers. “I enjoy each concert because we sing new songs that go along with the season,” Caleb Jackson says. 

 Blythewood’s choir is preparing for their spring trip to Orlando, Florida in April of 2020. Last year they sang at the Lincoln Center in New York City. “New York was an amazing experience because I got to know my choir friends a lot better. We also did some amazing singing.” Kennedy Mccullough says. Each year the choir tries to go on different trips, in the years before they have been overseas to places like Italy. 

Freshmen, as well as new Blythewood students,  should join the choir as a way to express themselves. It’ll help grow confidence, and they’ll more than likely build strong bonds with the people around you. “This is my first year in choir and I was really nervous about the first day, but the choir games and meeting new people helped a lot,” Nahzeria Sims says. 

While in choir students have the opportunity to meet upperclassmen and use them as a guide through choir and school life. “I was put into a class with many diverse people who I wouldn’t have spoken to, but being in choir encouraged me to become friends with them,” Abby Jones says. “Choir is full of different personalities in one area, and that is why it is so interesting making friends there,” Tanna Bennet says. 

Blythewood’s choral department’s motto is “we not me” and that in itself shows how people from various diverse backgrounds and different personalities can come together and make one large team. The motto explains how one is supposed to have accountability not only in his or herself but for the people around them because Blythewood’s choir is a big family.