How to be Thankful Instead of Sorry


How to be Thankful Instead of Sorry

By: Carsyn

There are times when situations don’t go as you may have hoped, leaving an apologetic feeling in your gut. However, sometimes saying sorry makes the situation worse. Here are 5 tips to start saying, “Thank you,” instead of, “I’m sorry.”

Saying “Thank You” Instead of “I’m Sorry”
When something goes wrong, people tend to say sorry, emphasizing the problem more. Instead of apologizing, replace it with a thank you to make the situation more positive. For example, if youŕe late, instead of saying, “I’m sorry I’m late,” say, “Thank you for waiting on me.” This way, the person knows that you are aware of being late, but lets them know that you are appreciative of their patience.

Stop apologizing to yourself.
Often people break themselves down after something goes wrong. However, instead of thinking critically about yourself, try thanking yourself for what you did do right, even in situations that did not go as planned. This prevents lowering your self-esteem and boosts your mood. Be more kind to yourself!

Practice mindfulness
Put all of your focus and energy into knowing what is happening around you, rather than giving in to worries about the past or the future. You can’t change the past, so there is no sense in dwelling on it. You focus less on what you are lacking and start to build gratitude toward the world around you.

Give yourself time to grieve
If you truly have something about which you feel sorry, don’t ignore the emotion. Instead, allow yourself time to reflect and feel sorry. Set aside time during the day to reflect, but outside of this time, work on your thankfulness and try and find the positive.

Thank people for their actions towards you
Instead of apologizing for your less-than-ideal actions toward others, thank them for their understanding of actions toward you. Understand that there are some circumstances where an apology may be more appropriate, then, thank them for their actions.

By reframing the situation, you can better harness your feelings into a productive outcome.